Mastering the Delusion Rubrics

You were told the definition of Delusion, Illusion and Hallucination in college, but do you know how to use them in clinic?

Delusions are not just part of psychiatric ailments. Nearly every patient has some delusions... because delusions are 'false beliefs'.

Do you know की पेशेंट क्या कहेगा?

Do you know how to differentiate between various remedies in common delusion rubrics?

If NO, then this course is for you! Master the technique of understanding the exact delusion rubrics from various repertories and applying them successfully in your homeopathy practice.

This 4 session course on understanding delusion rubrics will be conducted by master homeopathy and teacher Dr Manish Bhatia.

For 4 consecutive sessions, you will learn how to decode and master the delusion rubrics.

What will you learn from this course?

1. Conversion of commonly used language by patients into exact mind rubrics - delusions.

2. Accurate and indepth understanding of rubrics on delusion from various repertories.

3. Practical application of delusion rubrics  in homeopathy practice.

And all this, in a fun and easy way with cases, songs and stories, in the unmatched style of Dr Bhatia!

The course is in Hindi language. The English course will follow next month.

Course Price: Rs. 2000 INR / $49.95 for 4 sessions

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What happens if I miss a class?

You will get access to the recorded class, so you can see it at your convenience.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You get a one year access to this course.

Why the price shown on this page different from the final billing amount?

In India, you have to pay 18% GST tax to the government for online course purchase. The final billing amount includes that.
So for a course selling at Rs 750, the final billing amount will be around Rs. 885.

what ppl say abt dr bhatia's teaching

If you could have only one teacher, Dr. Bhatia should be the one.

— Alan Schmukler

The way you are explaining is very pure. Whatever it is for, it is perfect! Really helping in day to day practice. Interesting yet knowledgeable.

— Dr Atit Seth

Superb sir! HMM and Rubrics series throughout blockbuster... plz keep going on ...never stop for us.

— Dr Abhijeet Gaurav


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