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Master Homeopathy with Dr Manish Bhatia

Dr Manish Bhatia homeopathy master teacher

Learn Homeopathy with one of the modern masters of homeopathy, one of the very few who can teach you how to live Organon in practice and can teach Organon, Repertory and Materia Medica with equal elan and command! Renowned as one of the best teachers of Organon today, his books ' Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1-3' are used as a reference text world-over and are even recommended by CCH for BHMS and MD (Hom) syllabus. ' Homeopathy and Mental Health Care' is another book that he has co-authored. He is also the founder director of the world's leading homeopathy portal and editor of Homeopathy for Everyone. An associate professor of homeopathy philosophy, a teacher with 22+ years of experience, a very successful clinician with patients across the world, and a master orator who has given seminars and webinars in India, Germany, Greece, UK, Canada, USA, South America and Australia - join Master Homeopathy Academy today to learn and grow with Dr Bhatia.

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Free Homeopathy Online Course

I just completed the homeopathic training course and simply loved it. Great work guys and keep it up. I loved reading Dr. Bhatia’s replies to queries, especially his no-nonsense approach and realistic replies. I can safely predict that had he been to Oprah’s show, he would have been successful in starting his own show, just like the psychologist who did it. He too had the same stuff in him.

Muhammad Amer Khaqan , Saudi Arabia

Dr. Bhatia, That was a great course that you designed. I really enjoy the information. It has inspired me to go on and do further study in this area or even a career change. It was really easy and clear in its understanding. Thanks for that!!! It’s a great service that you are providing to the art and science of homeopathy. Thank you for the journey.

Lowannas, Australia

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free online homeopathy medicine courses with certification

Recently I successfully completed and thoroughly enjoyed the course which your website has for the beginners. In my judgment the material is nicely put together and is very clear. Your course has been very useful to me in providing a good view of the classical homeopathy. I would urge you to continue this very helpful course and, maybe, add a higher-level course also.

Mahavir Jain, India

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Learn Homeopathy and become a master clinician with these online and distance learning courses for BHMS and MD (Hom) students and practitioners. Courses in English and Hindi. The best teachers in the world... at your home to teach you!

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