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About This Unique Course

Case Taking is an art, a skill that needs to be honed with the masters and with the patients.

Lot of our cases fail because we are unable to unravel the case; we are unable to make the patient give relevant information; we are unable to observe what needs to be observed; we are unable to look beyond the superficial words; we are unable to un-layer the past medical history and the family history; we are unable to explore the emotions that the patient is actively hiding.

So many challenges in every unique case and yet we often get stuck with one straightjacket approach to solve all cases.

We have all been there, done that!

However, as homeopathy is an individualistic therapy, even the case taking approach needs to be individualised to address each unique case.

Different homeopaths and homeopathy schools have mastered different approaches to unlock a case.

For the first time in homeopathy, we are bringing together 6 master teachers, to show you 6 different ways to approach and solve a case.

This is a very unique opportunity to improve your case taking skills and take your homeopathic practice to the next level with guidance from these master teachers.

Let's learn to solve the easy, as well as complex, difficult and stuck cases with ease!


Highlights of the course

6 Master teachers – 6 Different Approaches

1 Goal – To Cure The Patient!


Case taking methods:

  • Homeopathic case taking with Organon
  • HHF / Mind method
  • Sensation Method
  • Paediatric case taking
  • Rapid prescribing
  • ICR method of case taking


Dr Manish Bhatia: 'Mastering the art of case taking with Organon' - The pure classical way.

Dr Krishnakumar Dinde: Case taking in APPLIED MIND - it’s pointers and nuances; Understanding the man in disease; Understanding the language of vital force

Dr Shekhar Algundgi: Fine tune your Case taking with the utility of P & W formula & Grammar - Part I & II

Dr Dinesh Chauhan: The Scientifically Intuitive Case-Witnessing Process.” And its application in Children and Special Children

Dr Muhammed Rafique: Case Taking Hints for a Successful Homeopathic Practice

Dr Manoj Patel: Standardized Case Taking In Homeopathic practice.


Number of Master Classes: 12+

Timings: 7 pm to 9 pm IST | 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm CET | 5:30 am to 7:30 am PST

Language: English

Course fee:

Rs 7999 | 350 USD

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  • Learn the nuances of different approaches,
  • See cured cases as practical demonstration,
  • Learn to integrate those approaches in your own practice,
  • Witness live case taking.

Never before such a course has been compiled.

Take your own case taking skills and your own practice to the next level with the guidance of these master teachers!


Dr Manish Bhatia

Dr Krishnakumar Dinde

Dr Shekhar Algundgi

Dr Muhammed Rafique

Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Dr Manoj Patel

Course Highlights


Dr Manish Bhatia
o M.Sc. (UCLAN, U.K.),
CCH (IACH, Greece), M.D. (Hom) Pediatrics
o Asso. Professor, Organon of Medicine

Masterclass topic:
Mastering Case Taking With Organon

Renowned as one of the best teacher's of Organon today, his books 'Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1-3' are used as a reference text world-over and are even recommended by CCH for BHMS and MD (Hom) syllabus. An associate professor of homeopathy philosophy, a teacher with 20+ years of experience, a very successful clinician, and a master orator.


Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2 & 3 (English, Bulgarian and German editions) (Approved by Central Council of Homeopathy for BHMS and MD courses)
  • Director, Asha Homeopathy, Civil Lines, Jaipur
  • Founder Director,, World’s leading homeopathy portal
  • Founder,
  • Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
  • Coauthor: Homeopathy and Mental Health Care, The Fireside Book of Homeopathic Tales
Winner of Many Awards
  • Raja Pajvan Dev Award For Excellence in the field of Medicine (2015) from Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust (foremost award in the field of medicine in Rajasthan)
  • Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Memorial Honour Award (2015) for exceptional contribution to the field of Homeopathy.
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam State Level Teacher's Award (2016)
  • Best Author Award (2020) from Dr Mahendra Singh Memorial Trust

Dr Krishnakumar Dinde


Masterclass topic:

  • Case taking in APPLIED MIND - it’s pointers and nuances
  • Understanding the man in disease
  • Understanding the language of vital force

  • Homeopathic Consultant with 24 years of practice in acute and chronic diseases
  • Clinical speciality: Autism, Cancer, Diabetes mellitus, Autoimmune disorders, Depression, Behavioral disorders 
  • Trustee & Treasurer, Hahnemann Homeo Forum (HHF)
  • Author of 4 Homeopathy books on 'Applied Mind'
  • National level author, academician and speaker
  • Author of articles in journals like Aude Sapere National Journal of Homeopathy 

Dr Shekhar Algundgi

MD(Hom), F. Hom(UK), M.F. Hom(Malaysia), Master Hom. (Ireland), N.D. (Naturo)

Founder, Swara Homeo Clinic 

Founder, Swara Homeo Gurukul

Masterclass topic:

Fine tune your Case taking with the utility of P & W formula & Grammar - Part I & II

  • Faculty: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy - The Other Song
  • Honorary: R. K. Mission Hosp. Khar; Vashani Diagnostic Center, Andheri; Holy Family, Andheri
  • Panel: IAAI, BARC
  • Past president, Andheri Medical Association

Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Masterclass topic:

"Child-centric Case Witnessing Process.” A Unique module of case taking In verbal [Imaginary upto 7 and teenage] and non verbal [ upto 2yrs and special children- autistic , adhd and other spectrum], in pediatric acutes and deep pathologies

Dr Dinesh Chauhan is globally recognized as a humble genius who has revolutionized homoeopathy by his novel method of Patient Centric Case-Taking, Along with uniquely designed 3 step case-taking method, his Integrative Holistic approach in remedy reading, remedy understanding; in giving similimum centric advice to his patients in life for hobby, art, profession; have brought a paradigm shift in the Homoeopathic World. His unique way of creating similimum field in case taking to make patient aware of their whole center, remedy in systematic way is worth watching… His latest work – The Right brain Approach in homoeopathy is a further step ahead in case witnessing process and one more toolbox to understanding the patients with better depth and surety. The Whole Case Witnessing Process along with the Right brain Approach and its methods is so deeply human centric that the patients receive the healing from the get-go. Besides innovating the Case- Taking technique, Dr Chauhan has extensively worked and researched on a multidimensional integrated approach in understanding the plant Kingdom, Posology and Mineral Kingdom. Dr Dinesh launched a website dedicated to the integrative holistic approach in plant kingdom - A NEWLY LAUNCHED WEBSITE which has complete integrative holistic encyclopedia of the remedies from the plant kingdom. He has taught internationally for decades in more than 30 countries. He is the author of four books – Newly released- ‘The Right Brain Approach in Homeopathy’, ‘The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing: The Journey of Three Steps, A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing (ranked as one of the best book on pediatric case taking in homeopathy), The Journey into the Human Core. And an author of a Laymen book for Pediatric holistic homeopathy: ‘From treating to transforming: Choose homoepathy, a designer approach for your child’. His work can be seen in,,

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque 

Medical officer, Department of Homeopathy, Government of Kerala. 

Masterclass topic:

Case Taking Hints for a Successful Homeopathic Practice

Passed BHMS from BHMC Belgaum in the year 2002. Author of six books and 250+ articles. Presented papers during 205 seminars on national and international platforms.


1. Be a master of materia Medica
2. Rapid prescribing using peculiar symptoms
3. Drug addiction and its side effects
4. Reverse repertory of the mind
5. Kazchakalude kanappurangal thedi
6. A capsule of materia Medica

Dr Manoj Patel


Consulting Homoeopath & Teacher 

Former HOD Psychiatry, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar

Trustee, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust

Masterclass topic:

Standardized Case Taking In Homeopathic practice.

Dr. Manoj Patel, an intuitive homoeopathic consultant and a speaker of national and international repute is known for his phenomenal expositions on the Mind in homoeopathic practice. He is the author of the popular, case-based, scholarly work “Knowing the Mind in Homoeopathic Practice”- a publication of the MLD Trust and one which extends the frontiers of the current book (The foundations of Psychology & Homoeopathy) in the clinical arena. He is a master in integrating Hahnemannian thought in everyday clinical work and thus is a true blue-blooded Hahnemannian practitioner. He has guided the Homoeopathic Psychiatry department of Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar as HoD and is currently a Trustee of the Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust. Dr. Manoj holds an interest in the study of Indian scriptures and enjoys trekking & cycling. He is at present also a PhD scholar Dr. Manoj practices at Vile Parle in Mumbai for the last 36 years.


How beautifully & wonderfully, technicalities are described in your videos. Even a lay man can get a clear idea of these closely related medicines. 

Ayaaz Ahmed

If we could get to learn homeopathy like this, then learning homeopathy would become very interesting. Thank you for sharing such kind of knowledge with us.


Sir, the method that you use to teach homeopathy, things become easy to learn. Thus, be it any course that you launch, I would like to join it.  

Dr Manish Kumar


What happens if I miss a class?

You will get access to the recorded class, so you can see it at your convenience.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You get a one year access to this course. :)

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